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Circus Skills Workshops for Schools

Circus Skills Workshops for Schools

Circus in Schools specialise in Online & In person Circus Skills Workshops for Schools including Nurseries, Primary Schools, Secondary Schools, Colleges & Universities. Skills which can be covered in a Circus Skills Workshop include Juggling with scarves, Balls, Rings & Clubs, Chinese Diabolo, Devilstick, Poi, Chinese Ribbons, Stilts, Skipping Rope, Unicycle, Slackline, Static Trapeze, Hula Hoop and more. Our Online Circus Workshops also cover a wide range of skills, including 3 ball Juggling for children and adults.

Brain Training

Circus Skills Workshops are good for you! Have a look at this short video about the benefits of learning to juggle.

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  • Circus Skills Workshops for Schools & Events
    all over the UK

  • Online & In Person Circus Skills Classes for children & adults

  • Circus Skills are fun and educational for all ages and abilities

  • We have been teaching Circus Skills in Schools for over 30 years!

  • Tailored to your needs
    and requirements. Affordable. Professional.

Online Circus Skills Workshops

See our free online instructional PDF's & videos covering a wide range of Circus Skills. Have a look at the teaser video below.

To see more instructional videos, click here

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Circus Skills Days in Schools

What does a Circus Skills Workshop in School include? Our workshops are tailored to the event and age group but generally start with a short Show/Demonstration for the whole school followed by Circus Workshops class by class including some or all of the following:

- Juggling with balls & scarves
- Chinese diabolo
- Devilstick or flower stick.
- Poi and Chinese ribbon
- Beginners stilts and bucket stilts
- Hula hoop
- Plate spinning
- Feather balancing
- Unicycle
- Trainer Tightrope/ Slackline
- More!

If there's time in the day, we end with a chance for participants to perform their new skills.

Learn how to spin a plate by clicking here!

The Science of Circus

Here's more scientific evidence that learning all types of Circus Skills, but especially Juggling, is good for you.

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